Hans Engelhard Gyldstrand 

After his military service, where he became a sergeant, he was hired by the postal service in the year 1899. He worked at the main office i Copenhagen.

His daily service route included the Royal Palace "Amalieborg" and among other valuables he brought the monthly salary to King Christian X (that he himselft signed for)

He was later decorated by the king with the order of knighthood "Ridder af Danebrog". He always proudly wore the order at important functions.

In his youth he was a passioned tenorsinger. He performed in concerts and various arrangements in and around Copenhagen. He always had an ambition to become a famous singer, although he did not quite succeed.

Below is a programme from 1909, where Hans Engelhard performed at a concert and ball in Ryesgade in Copenhagen. At that time he's familiename was still Henriksen.